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you feed it dry poffins.

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Q: How do you raise the beauty of pokemon?
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Does winning beauty competions raise beauty in Pokemon diamond?

yes but only if it is a beauty ontest not a strength or smart one

How do you evolve feebas in Pokemon Ruby?

Feebas needs to have Maxed Beauty. Feed it some berries that will raise its Beauty stat.

How do you get molitic in Pokemon emerald?

catch a febas, give it gold pokeblocks that raise its beauty, and raise it one more level

What is does a poffin do to your Pokemon?

It can help raise/lower certain stats. Like wiki poffins raise the beauty stat. They help your Pokemon win certain contests, too.

In Pokemon platinumhow do you get a milotic?

You raise Feebas's beauty to its maximim and it should evolve into a Milotic at level 40

What level does febas evolve at on Pokemon indigo?

its beauty must be high then raise it one level and it will evolve into milotic

How do you increase beauty in Pokemon?

On Pokemon games, there is a thing called "Berry Blending". It's a machine that makes pokéblocks whitch will increase your Pokemon's beauty, coolness, toughness, cuteness and smartness. Basically, you increase their beauty, style, physical, cuteness and intelegence. You can check the summary of your berries and see which pokevlocks you can make with them.

How do you get milotic in pokemon heartgold?

I guess you just trade. To get it in other games, catch a Feebas, maximize its Beauty, and raise it by one level. Did that help?

How do you raise your pokemons happiness?

with raising the Pokemon with that Pokemon for many time You can raise your Pokemon happiness by defeating many trainers with Pokemon do you want to raise.

Where do you find Milotic on Pokemon diamond?

1. Go to mt.cournet 2. Surf and the water until you find a wild feebas 3. Go to hearthome city 4. Make high level poffins that raise beauty 5. raise feebas 1 more lvl. Note:If feebas does not evolve then you did not raise beauty high enough 6. have fun with milotic! Enjoy!

Does wepear berry raise beauty?

yeah it does!

where do you find a flawless beauty?

\raise your glam