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how do you put a code in Animal Crossing waht do you have to do

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Q: How do you put a code in on animal crossing?
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What is the code to get nookingtins on animal crossing?

Sorry but there is not code...

How do you enter cheat codes on animal crossing world wide?

you go to the gate and tell them a code then put friend roster and put the code of your friend and then there they let you go in the gate

What is chuggaaconroy's Animal Crossing City Folk friend code?

There is no way to learn Chuggaaconroy's Animal Crossing City Folk friend code.

Is there an action replay code for a king throne or any throne in animal crossing wild world?

yes its 3820 after you put in the text to item code

Are there codes for Animal Crossing wild world?

The only type of code you can get on 'Animal Crossing: Wild World' is a 'Friend Code' for WiFi'ing. Not cheat codes.

What category is Animal Crossing under in WikiAnswers?

It is under Animal crossing (and depending on what version, you can put it under the the system). and you can also put it under the title (like: Animal Crossing Wild World).

What is the id for animal crossing?

There is no such thing as an "id" in animal crossing.

What is the 80000 bell code on animal crossing?

There is no code for that amount, sorry.

Is there a cheat code to get metriod in animal crossing wild world?

No, there is no such code.

What is the code for infinite fossils in Animal Crossing Wild World?

There is no such code.

Is there a bell code for Animal Crossing City Folk?

No, there is not.

Is it free to get a friend code on animal crossing?