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You go to the menu and type in this code- ABYBBAXLR

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Q: How do you move towns on Animal Crossing wild world?
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What does imagration on Animal Crossing do?

Let's you move your characters to another one of your friends towns.

How do you move in animal crossing wild world to animal crossing lets go to the city?

Go on ds suitcase then it will guide you there.

Can you move to other people's towns in Animal Crossing City Folk?

No. You can import characters from Animal Crossing: Wild World, and use your DS to travel to someone else's town, but you can never move to another town permanently.

How do you get Gabi on animal crossing wild world?

you have to wait for her to move to your town.

What happens when you move in Animal Crossing Wild World?

You need to have another d.s. with anther animal crossing game on it. Then you move into that game. Sadly with no money or any thing but what you were wearing.

How do you get people to move on Animal Crossing wild world?

You can't make them move unless you invite one of your other friends that has animal crossing wild world to your town and get them to talk to them. If they keep on talking to them, they will move to your freinds town. Hope I helped! ^_^ ~snazzycatz

If I take my person from animal crossing wild world and move it to animal crossing city folk will i get to keep my money in the bank and my save letters?

No, i have tried.

How do you get any type of animal on animal crossing wild world?

all the types of animal will eventually move in to your town, but the only way you can get them is by them moving in.

Can your mayor move on Animal Crossing?


How do you get the moving van in animal crossing wild world?

You can't,if you move I think it just gets put to where you move.:) ~animalcrossingwiz:)

How do you get some one to move out on animal crossing wild world?

You can't make someone move out, you have to let them decide that themselves. Eventually, they will move out.

How do you move to your friends town on Animal Crossing City Folk?

You can only do that for Animal Crossing on your ds.