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Private servers are illegal, i would suggest staying away from them.

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Q: How do you play a WoW private server and retail wow on different patches but be able to play them at the same time?
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Is Downloading World of Warcraft patches when you dont own the game illegal if you are going to play on a private server?


If I play on a WoW private server do I get to keep retail World of Warcraft?

Only if you pay for it.

How do you change source on a RuneScape private server?

You download a different source from a RuneScape private Server community

Is there a way to copy a World of Warcraft character from a retail server to a private server in a way that is similar to the PTR copy?

some private servers have character copy but other than that sorry no.

Does trial version work for WOW private server?

trial version of the game does NOT work for WoW private server BUT you can download the game content for free you just can't play retail unless you buy it

Is scapegaming very unreliable?

another alternative is cachewow.comtenacious is the same buggy ascent. Cachewow is a completely different core form what scape used. It's more like a private retail than a private server there. Kinda scary too see how a private server can be so close to retail and not be retail.Most owners don't want you to know that there is a much better core out there then the one they use, so they spread misinformation on the subject. 1 hour in game will prove them all wrong.

How to take items from private server to main server wow?

You can't. Impossible, lol. Private servers are essentially a different game from World of Warcraft and as such are incompatible.

What is a wow private server?

A private server on World Of Warcraft is just that, a private server on World Of Warcraft.

How do you make a Mangos World of Warcraft 3.0.3 private server Is there an easy guide?

I highly advise NOT TO RUN any more private servers, as Blizzard can now be informed of any file changes; so you really don't want to be doing it, at the risk of being prosecuted. thanx for the answer but can they tell if you dont go on retail??? Contrary to popular belief, Blizzard supports private servers. Private servers obtain their database updates from Blizzard and encourage gamers to buy the retail versions of the game as well as directing their clients to download game patches directly from Blizzard's servers.

What is a private server on World of Warcraft?

A private server on WoW is a server made by someone else than Blizzard. But playing or creating a private server is very illegal, so i wouldn't recommend playing private server.

Is there a mabinogi private server?

Pasta doesn't need a private server.

What is does type mean on runescape private server coding?

The type of the server you can get all different types like 508, 317 etc.