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Q: How do you pick up items in elder scrolls oblivion PC?
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Can't pick up items in Oblivion?

hold r1 or right bumper

Name a Game like Fallout 3?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It's made by the same developer as fallout (Bethesda) but in a fantasy setting, other than the lack of guns it has very similar gameplay mechanics, plus you can pick up the GoTY edition for about £14.99 pre-owned nowadays.

What is the lock pick code fir oblivion 5 The Elder Scrolls?

There is no 'code'. You push the analog stick/mouse your mouse up and press the a button/press the x button/right-click when it reaches the top. Unless you mean through the console. Press tilde, click on the door, and type unlock.

Does item duplication glitch work on PS3 version of elder scrolls iv oblivion goty?

Duplicate Items Using ScrollsThis duplication glitch will still work even after installing the version 1.2 patch (or on the PS3 version, which comes with it installed).Acquire two or more copies of the same scroll. The number of identical scrolls that you have will determine the number of duplicate items you can create.Open your inventory.Highlight the stack of scrolls and select them once.Highlight (but do not equip) an item (either single or a stack) that you wish to duplicate, and drop it.Close your inventory and on the floor will be multiple copies of the item that you dropped.Acquiring a large number of identical scrolls can be difficult. However, as long as you can find two identical scrolls to start with, you can initially use the exploit to repeatedly duplicate scrolls. Once you have a large number of duplicated scrolls, you can then start duplicating other items. When the duped scrolls are on the ground, pick up one scroll and repeat the process.This is useful for duping arrows as you will need a large number of scrolls to dupe arrows. When duping arrows, it may be helpful to drop all the arrows that you want to be duped except for one. This may seem counter-intuitive but they will build up faster that way.(Example: With 33 scrolls and three arrows duped you will get 11 arrows on the ground, because 33/3=11. But with one arrow duped you will get 33, because 33/1=33.) Just like you did with the scroll duping process describe above, pick up one arrow and repeat.Duplication of stacks of items works best if the number of scrolls is an exact multiple of the number of to-be-duplicated items in your stack. So 33 scrolls can be used to duplicate 11 rings (creating 3 "items" on the ground, each containing a stack of 11 rings). 1000 scrolls can also be used to duplicate 100 potions (creating 10 "items" on the ground, each with 100 potions). Using stacks can be much more effective when duplicating large numbers of items, in particular because it reduces the number of individual items on the ground, preventing game lag problems.Nirnroot, stolen items, quest items, and items repaired or damaged at all will not duplicate.this information was collected from one of the elder scrolls wikis so I hope it helped

How do you use the telekinesis staff in oblivion?

the Telekinesis staff is used to move objects in oblivion. when you have it out you can pick up items from far away or move them farther than you normally would be able to.

Where do you find grandgems on oblivion elder scrolls 4?

Assuming you mean Grand Soul Gems, they are usually on display or for sale in various Mages Guild halls, though the Chorrol hall is the best bet for taking them for free- if you can pick the locks on the display cases, that is. And once you get your level high enough, you can start to find them around dungeons- but only rarely.

Does anyone know where i can finda good Fpsrpg hybrid much like fallout and don't say war rock or other match based games because they ARE NOT RPGs open world games is what im looking for?

one great game it:The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion its a great gamekinda like falloutyou can pick you race and what abilities you likegreat game

How do you get past the gatekeeper in elder scrolls IV Oblivion shivering isles?

there are a couple of ways. at midnight, when whats-her-face goes to him and cries, you can pick up her hankercheif with her tears and use it as poison, and it works VERY well. or, your can find something Ice Veins and he'll make bone arrows for you if you do what he says and he'll help you defeat him. or, you could just go straight in and kill the gatekeeper with no strings atatched.hope this helped!

What are all the ways in oblivion for the ps3 to lock pick things?

You can either press square and do an automatic pick or manually pick it.

Where to find the egg of time book in elder scrolls?

It is in the Dwemer ruin of Mzuleft. If you head to the westernmost room, you should find a copy of The Egg of Time there. (Make sure you also pick up the Dwemer Scarab Plans before leaving)

Can you pick up the sands of time in oblivion?

a) no b) it doesnt do anything

Should you get oblivion GOTY or collectors ed?

Depends which you prefer. Both have the full Oblivion game. The GOTY edition comes with the two official expansions, Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles, which add new items and places. You also get a paper map. The Collector's edition comes with some collector items - a coin, a guide to the continent of Tamriel, a behind the scenes DVD. If the collector items appeal to you most, then get the Collector's edition, and then pick up Shivering Isles at the least, you should be able to find it cheap. If you don't care about the collectables, then go for the GOTY edition.