Can't pick up items in Oblivion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hold r1 or right bumper

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Q: Can't pick up items in Oblivion?
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How do you pick up items in elder scrolls oblivion PC?


How do you use the telekinesis staff in oblivion?

the Telekinesis staff is used to move objects in oblivion. when you have it out you can pick up items from far away or move them farther than you normally would be able to.

How do you rank up in The Blades Faction in Oblivion?

you cant

Can you pick up the sands of time in oblivion?

a) no b) it doesnt do anything

How do you pick up items in The Legend of Zelda Links Adventure?

To pick up items, simply move over the item. Other items can be found in chests in caves and in dungeons, which you get by opening the chest.

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you cant

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You can pick up the grape just click on it but if you pass the kitchen you cant you use the grape in the kitchen area

How do you pick up items in rune keep?

you click on it

What happens to non pick up items If altered items are not picked up what is done with the item of clothing?


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They can pick up endangered animals or plants, and I suppose if a rare jewel was lying around, they could pick it up.

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Gold Puffles pick up the most items, since they have a larger range of items that you can obtain.

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