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In the radio tower you will fin d the basement key.

After you get it stand in front of the grey part of the door and press A it will open.

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Q: How do you open basement door in golden rod city in Pokemon gold?
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How do you unlock the door in goldenrod city in Pokemon gold?

use the basement key in goldenrod city. the key is in goldenrod.

How do you unlock the door in cinnabar?

In the basement of the Pokemon mansion on cinnaber.

How can you enter golden rod city gym in Pokemon soul silver?

walk through the door.. or that's what i did anyways.

What city is called the golden door?

new york

How do you open the door of the basement in Pokemon mansion in leaf green?

you jump off into the black and you go down the stairs

How do get through the radio basement in Pokemon crystal?

In case in goldenrod city take the underground path. There will be a door. Get the key from the rocket executive in radio tower. In case of lavender town we can't go underground.

How do you get the special key to unlock team glactics door in veilstone city on platinum?

You find it in the basement of the Galactic Warehouse

Where do you go after you get the basemet key on soul silver?

After you get the basement key, you go into the tunnel that is under Goldenrod City and you go to the end of the branching off hallway. There, there is a locked door, where you use the basement key and the door opens, if you get all the way to the end of the tunnel behind the door, you find the director there.

Where is the secret door in Pokemon pearl in the galactic warehouse in veilstone city?

It,s in eterna city

How do you unlock the door in the old mans house in mossdeep city?

How do you unlock the door in the old man's house who lives on mossdeep city on Pokemon Ruby

What do you do after the guy gives you the key to the basement on soul silver?

you use it to open the door to the basement!

How do you get to New Moon island but the door is locked Pokemon platinum?

you went to the wrong door . try the door near the sailor in canalve city.