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to obtain 5,ooo exp in Pokemon leaf green is to put a expirance share on the Pokemon you are training (best place to train is Pokemon league or victory road or clearun cave)

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Q: How do you obtain 5000 exp in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you get 5000 exp in Pokemon Ruby?

Easy just go to The ELite And you get easy exp

Where can you find another exp shaare in LeafGreen?

Just have a friend with leafgreen, firered, ruby, sapphire or emerald trade you a Pokemon holding the exp share they got.

Where can you GET exp share to buy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cannot buy this item

How do you make your Pokemon level up in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you battle with it or put exp. share and battle with a different Pokemon

Where is the best place to get exp points in pokemon leafgreen?

you know in every Pokemon game . THE ELITE FOUR!

What is the best way to get exp in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The best way is challenge the elite four with your Pokemon or a Pokemon holding exp. share. The better is to use gameshark codes for rare candies.

How do you level up fast in Pokemon leafgreen?

If your training a Pokemon that was traded to you that Pokemon receives boosted exp points also if the Pokemon holds a lucky egg it can receive even more exp points.

Where to get exp share in pokemon leafgreen?

You get the EXP. share from the president of something in Rustboro City when you are going to deliver a message to Steven and someone else.

What is the code for 5000 exp in Pokemon ruby?

72024A640001 82024BEC01F4 that is quick level gain

How does the EXP share work in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well, you give it to a Pokemon in your party. Then when any other Pokemon in your team defeats an opponents Pokemon, the Pokemon with exp share gets part of the experience points you get for defeating the opponents Pokemon. e.g. You give the exp share to charmander your Blastoise defeats a Zubat. You get 500 exp total, whcih is divided between charmander and Blastoise.

On Pokemon leafgreen will a lv 100 pupitar have the same exp points as a lv 100 Tyranitar?

no no no might be

How do you get back a traded exp share LeafGreen?

WHAT?!?You traded a Pokemon that was holding an EXP. SHARE?!?Well....I am very much sorry,but that sort of thing is kinda impossible.