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After the spear pillar event, you go to your home town TWINLEAF town and go to lake Verity and talk to mesprit, then professor rowan will come to talk. And then go to pastoria city, go up to valor lake front and enjoy.
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Q: How do you move guys blocking lake valor?
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How do you move the two camera guys blocking lake valor?

go to canalave city beat the gym leader go to the lybrary all the way up stairs they will talk telling you each to go to a lake you will eventually have to go in lake valor beating one of the galactic bosses

How do you get the guy to move who is blocking the way to the lake of rage?

No one is blocking the way to the Lake of Rage. There is one person blocking the Gym and another blocking the way to route 44.

How do you pass lake valor?

teach your Pokemon a move called surf

How do you move the Magikarp in lake valor in Pokemon platinum?

Beat the grunts

How do you move the reporters in Pokemon platinum?

Do you mean the two guys with cameras standing outside Lake Valor? There's no way to make them move. They'll leave on their own after you defeat the Gym Leader in Canalave City.

How do you move the Magikarp in lake valor?

i still cant igure it out i just need to move the magikarps from the way

How do you get galactic people in Mt Cornet to move so you can get to Snowpoint city?

Go to Lake Varity and Lake Valor first. Fight everyone!

How do you move the magicarp in lake valor?

You can't move them, walk around. Once you reach the bit where the magikarp block the path at the left, go down.

How do you move the filmers blocking the way to valor lakefront?

After you beat Bryon,Go to the library.You will see your friend,Professor Rowan,and Professor Rowan's assistant.After you split up,you will hear a Earthquake.

How do you get the guys blocking the way to the seafoam island to move in Pokemon soul silver?

you need to go via cinibar island when you approach from that side they will be finished.

What do you do in Pokemon diamond after you reach solaceon town?

Head north to Celestic Town. If you are stuck because of the Psyduck on Route 209, then you need to go to Lake Valor after meeting your rival, Lucas and Proffessor Rowan in Canalave Library. At Lake Valor, you will see Cynthia, who will give you a SecretPotion to move the Psyduck, and an Old Charm to deliver to her grandmother in Celstic Town. Hope this helped. :-)

How do you move the person in Valor Lakefront to get waterfall?

berry would in vite you to a librarry in celestic town. In the Mittle of it, there will be a loud bash. Prof. Rowan will tell you to see what happend. When you go the guys will be gone.