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berry would in vite you to a librarry in celestic town. In the Mittle of it, there will be a loud bash. Prof. Rowan will tell you to see what happend. When you go the guys will be gone.

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Q: How do you move the person in Valor Lakefront to get waterfall?
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You beat the seventh gym leader but you went to lakefront valor but theres nothing tere?

i also need help on this one- except instead of going to valor lakefront i went to acuity lakefront and my 'friend' was there and he told me to go to sunnyshore!!!??? I had the same problem! But then I discovered I hadn't beaten the Galactica guys at the Verity Lakefront yet. When you defeat them at the Verity Lakefront, they move to the Acuity Lakefront. Then they DO stand there.

How do you move the Psyduck in Pokemon Platnum?

get the secret potion from cythia at valor lakefront after you beat the pastoria city gym battle and defeated the grunt

How do you move the filmers blocking the way to valor lakefront?

After you beat Bryon,Go to the library.You will see your friend,Professor Rowan,and Professor Rowan's assistant.After you split up,you will hear a Earthquake.

How do you get the pile of Magikarp to move at the valor lakefront?

uu cant all u have to do is keep on playing the game den later you can go there and surf to get the lake guardian hope this helps ya PEESE LOLL

Where do you look for the move surf in Pokemon diamond?

Cynthia's grandmother gives you it after the bomb scare, which is after the Psyducks-ness. You need the SecretPotion to cure the Psyducks. You get that from Cynthia after you battle the Galactic Member you're supposed to stalk from Pastoria (The location you get the the SecretPotion is at the Valor Lakefront).

What level tentacool can learn waterfall?

You can teach Tentacool the move Waterfall anytime. Waterfall is an HM, not a move gained by reaching a certain level.

Where is the speacail key needed for the veilstone galactik HQ?

after you've got the hidden move Strength make your way toSnowpoint city. Then you must beat the gym leader and go to Verity Lakefront, Valor Lakefront, and Acuity Lakefront. Then go outside the Veilstone HQ and get the storage key then you must go to the storage HQ in Veilstone and you will find the galactic key to the team galactic HQ in Veilstone.

How do you get to use the move waterfall outside of battle?

When using Surf outside of battle, and if there is a waterfall and you are at the bottom, you can travel up the waterfall by using Waterfall.

How do you get Psyduck to move in diamond?

beat the pastoria gym leader then follow the galactic grunt near the great marsh then battle him at the valor lakefront then when u beat him cyintheia comes out of nowhere and gives u the a secret potion then go to the psyduck then press a and u use the potion and the run off

Where in the cave of origin do you get waterfall?

You get the move waterfall on the second floor of the Cave of Origin.

Where do you get the HM08Waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?

Hm08 is rock climb not waterfall. Hm07 is the move waterfall

How do you get the hm waterfall move on Pokemon LeafGreen?

HM, Waterfall is in the Ice Cave on Four Island.