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You can't move them, walk around. Once you reach the bit where the magikarp block the path at the left, go down.

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Q: How do you move the magicarp in lake valor?
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How do you drain the lake by Veilstone in Pokemon Pearl?

you go to calaclave beat up the steel gym leader and go to the library and the prof will be there and in the middle of coversaion there will be a boom and that will be lake valor with it water all blown out and magicarp all on ground and the being of lake valor(i cannot rember what it is)taken.

If Lake Valor is in the Valor Lakefront then where is Valor Lake?

In the Valor Lakefront.

How do you pass lake valor?

teach your Pokemon a move called surf

How do you move the Magikarp in lake valor in Pokemon platinum?

Beat the grunts

How do you move the Magikarp in lake valor?

i still cant igure it out i just need to move the magikarps from the way

Where is commander Saturn at lake valor?

in the cave in lake valor

Where by lake valor to get Giratina in pearl?

Its not lake valor, its the spring path

In Pokemon platinum where is lake Valor?

Lake Valor is the big lake above Pastoria city.

How do you get past the magicarp at lake valor?

ya don't! it looks like you do but what you do is turn around and go back and go in mt cornet and go to the ACUITY LAKEFRONT! (where rowan sent your friend) now figure out the rest on your own

How do you get galactic people in Mt Cornet to move so you can get to Snowpoint city?

Go to Lake Varity and Lake Valor first. Fight everyone!

How do you get to the lake valor in Pokemon sapphire?

to my knowledge, you cannot access lake valor in Pokemon Sapphire

What do you do after professor Rowan tells you go to lake valor Pokemon platinum?

Go to lake valor...