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To seasonally decorate your igloo, first you must become a member.

After you become a member, you must go into your igloo, and click on the measuring tape in the bottom-right corner. Once you click on that, you will face a row of five buttons. Click the blue magazine, where you will be taken to a furniture catalog.

In the catalog, you may find seasonal items inside. If you have enough coins, you will be able to buy a furniture item. Once you buy the item "x" out of the catalog and click on the cardboard box. That will take you to your furniture storage. Find your decoration, and click it. It will appear in your igloo, and you can click and drag it to anywhere you please in your igloo.

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Q: How do you make your igloo look like seasonal for club penguin?
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How do you get to your igloo in Club Penguin?

to get to your igloo on club penguin you click on the picture that looks like a igloo

Are there any WORKING club penguin igloo like adders?

Yes. On "Penguin Lodge" there is one

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Is there other websites like penguin gold?

There is one with a money maker a pineapple igloo giver and fruit item generator.The web site is

Is Club Penguin a fun website?

Club Penguin is like, the best website I know! They have monthly island wide parties, pets and everything! It's amazing! They even have igloo contests, winner gets lots of money!

How do you invite friends to your iglue on club penguin?

You can invite your friends to your igloo by either mailing them, or by telling them. If they are your buddies on club penguin, they can just open up your player card and click the igloo button on it. They will be teleported to your igloo. To invite others that are not your buddies, you have to be a member. First go to your igloo and click the edit igloo icon. From there, make sure the switch is turned to "Everyone" and not towards "Friends". Now go to the town or some other crowded room and say something like "Party at my igloo!" or "Come to my igloo" and call some other penguins over to your house.

Who has a Club Penguin you can borrow?

I do. It used to be a member, so you can see what I used to have and what my igloo used to looks like. Username: Angleb123 Password: 91006

What is drama island on club penguin?

I think what you may have heard was "total drama island". Some penguins like to make their igloos things such as "Slenderman igloo", "Dance contest igloo", and so on. Total Drama Island is a show that the penguin is probably recreating in their home.

How do you get to rpf base on clubpenguin?

There is nothing really like RPF on club penguin, its just made up by some people. Thus, there is no real RPF base on club penguin. Sometimes, people just keep it in their igloo but there is no official base.

Where is aunt artics igloo and what does it look like on the inside in club penguin and on what days will you see her?

......Let me answer this question one by one. First of all, Aunt Arctic doesn't really have an igloo, its just a club penguin mascot. You can't see it from the inside, although in the first mission you can. What days will you see her? Do you mean what parties she visits club penguin? She's coming to the marvel Superhero party, she comes to the holiday party, she comes to the anniversary, and she comes to the penguin play awards.

How do you enter an igloo contest on club penguin?

You click on a igloo sign at the bottom of your screen and it takes you to your igloo. Go there and decorate it in a tropical theme and on the right corner there should be a picture of a golden igloo and it looks like a money bank holing a piece of paper click on that and click yes!

What is membership in Club Penguin all about?

Basically, when your a member you can do so much more like decorating your igloo or getting a new one, buying clothes for your penguin, going into better parties, playing much better games and levels etc. Club penguin membership money is what they use to run it.