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You click on the catalog and you should see a radio/ sterio buy that then drag it and put it in a place of your igloo then save and then go out of the room come back in again and click edit and you should see a tape click that and now you can pick what music you like!

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Q: On Club Penguin how do you get music in your igloo?
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Where is the Music you can buy in the Night Club on Club Penguin at?

You can use the Night Club music for your igloo if you are a member. You find this in your igloo. Hope this helps.

Are there codes on club penguin to have igloo music?

Nope, their aren't. You have to buy a membership to put music in your igloo.

What is the dojo igloo music id on club penguin?


How do you put dj3k music onto your own igloo's house music on club penguin?

its impossible: a) because it differs depending on whick mixes you use and b) only club penguin decides what music you can play in your igloo on the music menu when you edit your igloo

How do you get to your igloo in Club Penguin?

to get to your igloo on club penguin you click on the picture that looks like a igloo

What is new on club penguin?

There is the island adventure party, new music, the igloo catalogs

How do you get any music for your house on club penguin?

To have music in your igloo on club penguin you must be a member. Click the edit igloo button on the bottom right corner in your igloo, choose the igloo you want to add music to and click the 'Edit' button. On the left margin, below your igloo inventory, you see a musical note icon. Click the music you want to add to your igloo. If you want to remove it, just click the same music again, or click another song. You can even play your own saved mixes in your igloo from DJ3K (members).

Where does Club Penguin live?

its igloo

How do you make a day care in your igloo on club penguin?

in the igloo catalog on club penguin buy things that a day care might have

Where to get a house on Club Penguin?

You get an igloo on club penguin as soon as you make your club penguin account. But to customize your igloo you have to be a member.

What is the oldest igloo in club penguin besides the always avalible igloos including The split level igloo and the basic igloo?

The candy igloo and the gingerbread house are the oldest igloos on club penguin

How do you play music in your igloo?

you have to be a club penguin member first if so this is how... 1. go to your igloo the tape thing the music tape 4.choose a song and save igloo! Add me if u ever see me! club penguin: lala68934 stardoll:pingucheese moshi monsters:lala68933 hope i helped! xxx