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Maybe you are looking at your player card inventory. The double dish and puffle igloo are igloo items. If I am wrong and you ARE looking at your igloo inventory, then maybe you should try going to the puffle category of your igloo items. What it could be that you may have been looking at other furniture categories.

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Q: Why wont things in your inventory show up on club penguin even if you buy it like the Double dish or puffle igloo and etc?
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How do you get the key to the under ground lake in club penguin?

You have to be a member and do certain things in puffle rescue.

How do you get a white puffel with out being a member?

Well, I have a white puffle on Club Penguin and I am not a member. What you have to do is go shopping at the market and buy Club Penguin toys (Not Card Jitsu). Those things include Puffle Key rings, Soft Club Penguin toys or Club Penguin figurines. That is how I did it.

How do you get brown puffle in club penguin epf?

Sorry,but you cannot get a brown puffle in club penguin EPF.But of course,You can bring a black puffle called Flare in the online game if you have both of these things 1.A Membership 2.A Code you get in the nintendo DS Game:Herbert's revenge I too want a brown puffle in the EPF,but unluckily this feature is unavailabe currently.Let us all hope this feature will come out in the future Club Penguin. until then enjoy playing Club Penguin with Flare

What colour is Flint on Club Penguin Elite Force on Nintendo?

Flint is the green puffle. He can fly and knock things out of the air.

In Club Penguin where is your inventory?

To get to your inventory, you can do 1 of 2 things. You can either click on your penguin or you can click on the icon (to the right of the place where you type) at the bottom of your screen. Then, just click the little arrow on the right side of your player card. Then you will see your inventory!

In club penguin what does the pink puffle play?

That's easy! The Pink Puffle plays Aqua Grabber on CP! Thanks for the question! ~Petey the Sexual Harassment Panda~

How do you activevate your puffle on Club Penguin?

To activate your toy puffle on club penguin you log on and then you click onunlock items online after this you click on i have a codethen type the code in all small letters andthen you can unlock one puffle or two items of clothing ortwo 500 coins.afterwards you go on clubpenguin and you use the things you unlocked!Hope this helps!

Can you get the brown puffle on club penguin to build something?

no they dont do house work and build things they just sit there and look cute.

How do you take things out of the inventory on club penguin?

well you know you can not take out things from the inventory so be extra careful when you buy an item.the other way is that you can keep it in the inventory but if you don't want it,don't wear the costume.act as if that item doesnt exist!!

When can you buy a Rainbow Puffle on Club Penguin?

there is a rainbow puffle it is only at alantic penguin a club penguin private serverPeople Make up things like that you'll never get a rainbow puffle unless the cp CREATOR make one and puts it on Clubpenguin so the videos you've seen with rainbow puffles are fakes....They take a picture of the puffle trace it and colors it like that and they make it on the screen so it looks real theres many ways to do that and make it look real though its not just that one way....

How do you sell things in gates of andaron?

just double click the item in your inventory when your shopping.

How do you buy things for you puffle without been a member on club penguin?

u cant. u have to spend 6 bucks and get a membership and then u can. there is no other way.