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you cant

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Q: How do you make your character a mermaid on movie star planet?
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How do you make a Movie Star Planet character a mermaid?

you cant

Is more games like movie star planet of make your own character?

you can draw it

How do you get an avatar on Movie Star Planet?

You should get an avatar or character when you first make an account.

How do you make a movie in Movie Star Planet?

Go to the creative section. Click on movies. Place your character's. Give them speech bubbles and actions by clicking on them. Press the arrow on the right to make another scene.

How do you make your character on miniplanet?

how do u make a person on mini planet

How do you make your boonie follow you on Movie Star Planet?

When its fully grown it will follow you. i give free diamonds - contact memsp character name - XxmikaatxX

Do they still make little mermaid swim suits?

Yes. The Little Mermaid is still a very popular Disney character and option for swimsuits. You can find Little Mermaid suits at both Walmart and Target during the summer.

How do you make an Movie Star Planet blog?

make a blog

How do you turn a boy into a mermaid with powers?

Mermaids are not real and no one can become a mermaid. They are make believe and there is no such thing as magic. All of this is made up in a movie studio with special effects.

What is movie maker on movie star planet?

Movie maker is just basicley where you can make movies.

Is Shiloh pepin a mermaid?

no, having the disease mermaid syndrome does not make Shiloh pepin a mermaid.

How do you make an art book on Movie Star Planet?

You put it in a microwave