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You need 6 iron ingots and 1 stick to make 16 tracks. Place them like this (I = iron, S = stick, E = empty):




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Q: How do you make tracks in minecraft?
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How do you make minecart tracks in minecraft?

iron ingots along sides, and stick in the middle

How do you use redstone in Minecraft?

Redstone acts like a wire you can use it to make doors open and to make minecart tracks and more

How do you angle the Minecraft railroad tracks?

You can't have make turns with powered rails for turns you need to use normal rail tracks it should automatically turn it for u.

How do you put tracks diagonally in Minecraft?

you cant caus minecraft is a 4 block game

What are Minecraft tracks?

Kind of like train traks

How many mine tracks does it take to go 1km in minecraft?

make like 70 thats enough to go 5km

Do you have to have tracks to make a minecart go on minecraft?

There are three types of tracks: Rails Powered Rails Detector Rails A cart will only be placed if you are looking at a type of rail. After you place it, you can push it around on the grass or sand

How do you make a roller coaster track turn in minecraft PC version?

You must use a regular track for turns; redstone-powered tracks and pressure tracks cannot support turns in any track (as of 1.5.2).

How do you make boost tracks on minecraft?

You'll need six golden ingots (I), one stick (S), and one redstone (dust) (R). place them like the following..... I I ISI IRI

Is it possible to do a loop on a roaler coaster in minecraft?

No, not with vanilla Minecraft currently as minecart tracks cannot go upside down. There may be some mods that allow you to do this however.

Why did you make Minecraft?

I didn't make Minecraft.

How do tortoises make their tracks?

I believe tortoises make their tracks just like humans do. By walking.....?