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There are three types of tracks:


Powered Rails

Detector Rails

A cart will only be placed if you are looking at a type of rail.

After you place it, you can push it around on the grass or sand

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Q: Do you have to have tracks to make a minecart go on minecraft?
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Is it possible to do a loop on a roaler coaster in minecraft?

No, not with vanilla Minecraft currently as minecart tracks cannot go upside down. There may be some mods that allow you to do this however.

How do you move forward in a minecart in Minecraft?

You could push the minecart, although you wont go that far. You can also try powered rails to push your minecart forward.

How do you make a cart in minecraft?

To make a minecart, you need five iron ingots. Place the iron like this on the crafting table. KEY: I = iron ingot, E = empty space in crafting table. EEE IEI III Then, you place the minecart on a rail and left-click to enter. W to go forward.

How many mine tracks does it take to go 1km in minecraft?

make like 70 thats enough to go 5km

How do you make your minecarts go faster in minecraft?

Right. Booster rails need redstone power... But theirs an easier way! Step 1: Get a pig to enter the minecart Step 2: Craft and place a sadle on the pig in the minecart Step 3 : push minecart gently and get on pig Step 4: Have fun and try not to over excite the pig from behind! >.<

How do you make rails go up walls on minecraft?

It is not possible in the current official release of Minecraft to make rails go strait up walls. The steepest a rail can go up is one block at a time. It would be possible with a mod to allow rails to travel up walls, but there is no way without a mod.

How do you get a roller coaster in Minecraft?

make some rails and powered rails put them how you please with power rails every once and a while. make a minecart and place it on the rails then jump in and your ready too go! (if that was not the best answer goto youtube and look it up)

How do you make elevators on Roblox?

Use minecart tracks and place a minecraft down to ride it. Good Luck! :)

How do you make the simble on the 10 floor in spirit tracks?

go to Zelda dungen and it can anser that on spirit tracks walkthough

How do you put things in chests in minecraft pocket edition?

You right click the crafting table, then choose what items you want to craft. For example: to craft a bed, put three wooden planks in the bottom line of the table, and put 3 wool in the line above. Crafting tables are a 3x3 square. Hope this helps.

How do you make an Isaac Clarke skin in Minecraft?

I think you mean how to make skins in minecraft. To make a skin, you can go to a skin making website like skindex, minecraft skins,or planet minecraft. There you can download a skin, or make you own using their tools. To upload your skin onto minecraft, just go to, log in, press profile, and upload your skin. Then, just log into minecraft online, and you should have your skin!

Can you make a portal to Olympus in Minecraft?

You cant go to Olympus but you can go to the nether.