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You could push the minecart, although you wont go that far. You can also try powered rails to push your minecart forward.

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Q: How do you move forward in a minecart in Minecraft?
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How do you get in a minecart on Minecraft?

I think you mean "How do you get in a minecart in minecraft?". First, you place the minecart, preferably on minecart tracks, then just right click on it. If you are not on a powered rail, You need to push it first.

How do you get a wolf in a minecart in Minecraft?

let it sit then push it in the minecart.

Can a snowman ride a minecart in minecraft?

yes, the minecart has to be moving and run into it though

How many ways can you make minecarts in minecraft?

There are 5 different minecarts:*Minecart *Minecart w/Furnace *Minecart w/Chest *Minecart w/Hopper *Minecart w/TNT

How do do you move in a mine-cart on Minecraft?

To move in a mine-cart, you have to have to have it moving before you get in. If you get in without it moving, you cannot get it to move without a booster rail and a button. The best way to move in a minecart is to push the minecart in front of you then jump in just before it goes down a hill.

How do you use a minecart in minecraft?

Get the minecart in your hand then right click it onto the rail wherever you need it.

How do you get in a minecart in minecraft pocket edition?

Yes you can

Can powered rails turn in minecraft?

No. Powered Rails just accelerate a minecart. If something tries to move the block they are on, they will 'pop' out.

How do you get in a railcart in Minecraft?

Right-click the railcart (or minecart) to get in (or out).

Was Notch the creator of the video Minecraft - the last minecart?

No, it was CorridorDigital.

How do you get the on a rail achevment in minecraft?

Travel 1 km in a minecart.

How do you get out of a mine cart in minecraft?

Right click the minecart.