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Press the fire button

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Q: How do you make the rocket launch in black ops?
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Why does the lady give numbers out in the beginning of black ops?

It has the numbers to launch the rocket in ascention map

How do you abort the launch in Call of Duty Black Ops?

You can't. Grab the javelin missiles and shoot down the rocket

How do you open the door for the pack a punch for call of duty black ops ps3 ascension?

You must use all of the hovercrafts and then launch the rocket from the random box room

How do you abort the launch in black ops?

You retrieve the missle launcher then guide it toward the missle and make sure it hits it.

What is a valkyrie rocket?

A valkyrie is a mo-controlled rocket in call of duty black ops

How do you destroy the rocket in black ops?

u get the missile launcher that is laying against the wall and shoot it toward the rocket.

Will black ops have a midnight release?

Yes it will call of duty created the midnight launch.

How do you get out map launch in black ops?

you have to have a j-tag to get out of any map or hack anything in the game

What are the release dates for GTTV Live Call of Duty - Black Ops II World Launch - 2012 TV?

GTTV Live Call of Duty - Black Ops II World Launch - 2012 TV was released on: USA: 12 November 2012

Is call of duty black ops free at the launch party?

Probably not but i bet theyl be giving some out

How do you shoot the rocket down in the campaign for call of duty black ops?

When its launched you can find a Valkyrie Rocket launcher by bowman aka. ice cube and just shoot at it and control the rocket and blow that ROCKET OUT OF THE SKY!

What are some maps in black ops?

villa, wmd, nuketown, firing range ,crisis, summit, jungle, launch