How do you make the perfect poffin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well...yeah. I have no clue but you need a really good berry, then when the batters still battery-ish, go slow in small circles, then when it starts to harden, GO FAST IN BIG CIRCLES!!! And voila! A perfect-o poffin! --

Get as many people as you can to help, and make sure none of you get the same berry. Try to either get one berry for each stat for a nice, well-rounded poffin, or get a bunch of berries that improve one stat. Then, when you're actually making it, try to keep touching the circles that show up in the poffin (representing the other player's stylus). You'll be making good poffins in no-time! :3

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Q: How do you make the perfect poffin?
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How do you make a perfect poffin?

Follow these instructions.To make a perfect poffin, you have to transfer swampert, blaziken, or secptile from R/S/E (They must be from one of those games, ruby Sapphire or emerald, or it wont work).Then add them to your team, and battle them and let them be defeated, and then go to a Pokemon centre and heal them, then save game.Now the DS will think it is experienced and make a poffin and your chance of a perfect one will be 80% more. *Results may vary

How do you choose a berry to make a poffin?

You go to the poffin house in harthon city

Where do you get happiness poffin in Pokemon pearl?

You make poffins at the Poffin House at Hearthome city.

How do you raise toughness in Pokemon Diamond?

feed it a sour poffin, you can get a poffin case in the Pokemon fan club.then make poffins at the poffin house.

How do you make a mild poffin in Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunatley, there is no way to make a Mild poffin except for the one that the guy in the contest hall gives you when you first receive your poffin case. However, there is sililiar poffin called the Sharp poffin that is similiar to the mild poffin and is the same colour. It is often high-leveled. In order to get a Sharp poffin, you must have different berries (ex; Mico berry, Starf berry) and 4 other players.

What berries make a Foul Poffin?

A Wiki Berry.

How do you make a bitter poffin on Pokemon pearl?

go to hearthome city and go to the poffin house and start cooking with a bitter berry.

Tips for winning cool contests in diamond?

Show to the Scarf man in Pastoria City a Pokémon with high coolness level, and he will give you the red scarf. Equip this item to the Pokémon (I don' t now. Perhaps the item is automatically equiped when you get it) and it' s contest points will be increased in wich contest. You can raise the Pokémon coolness level making poffins. You can make poffins in a house in Hearthome city. To make a poffin, give to the woman a high spicy flavor poffin (you can check the poffin's flavor in the option "Check Tag"). To make poffins, you need the Poffin Case. You can get it in the Pokémon Fan Club (Hearthome City). To give a poffin to a Pokémon, open your Poffin Case, select the poffin that you want to give, and select the Pokémon that you want to give the poffin.

How do you make poffins in Pokemon platinum?

The Poffin maker's house, it is left from the Pokemart in Hearthome City and ask the lady in front of the Poffin Maker. If you need a poffin case go to the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the old man at the couch.

How do you make a lvl 99 poffin in Pokemon platinum?

The chances of making a Lv. 99 Poffin is very rare. Unless you cheat with an action replay or hack it.

Where do you make poffins on Pokemon diamond?

at the poffin house in hearthome city

In Pokemon platinum if you feed your Pokemon a poffin and then enter a contest do the effects of it work for more contests or do you have to feed it another poffin?

When a Pokémon is fed a Poffin, the Poffin's effects are permanent.