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it says dark ball but sadly they are really dusk balls

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Q: How do you make the dark ball ar cheat work?
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You got the dark ball cheat but when you play your game you dont have a dark ball?

you probally mestup the code or the code deosnt work or is not for your ar or code breaker any way keep looking for the code

How do you make a pokeball work like a masterball in silver version?

YOU CANNOT MAKE A POKEBALL WORK LIKE A MASTER BALL!Unless you use a cheat code.As far as I know,you can use a Timer Ball to act like a master ball.Wait for at lease 55 turns or more for the Timer ball to work.

How do you work to buy master ball cheat?

you shoot them sniper404

What poke ball do you need to catch girantina?

Well of course master ball if you have it (thats what i used but then again i cheat) But your best bet would be dusk balls since they work better in dark places and giratina is in a cave.

In Pokemon pearl I have tried the clone cheat for the master ball but it doesn't work. What is the real cheat?

i did not know there was that cheat but right now im frustrated over the Pokemon Pokemon cloning cheat. it work for me!

Is there a cheat to catch uxie with a ultra ball?

no but, i no a cheat to catch dialga on diamond first u use flamethower or fire punch then use a ultra ball and it works as a master ball.(it might work on other Pokemon games)

How do you make your own cheat codes for Pokemon pearl?

you dont that makes no sence at all if you make a cheat code it will never work

Pokemon Pearl cheat 'copy' works?

to make the cheat work you must press select and up

If you capture Lugia or Celebi in a dark ball will it turn into dark Lugia or Celebi?

it wont with celibi but it might work with lugia or dark lugia could be a shiny lugia.

How do you make a disco ball in transformice?

It is impossible, though if you wanted to make a moving ball or a ball with moving squares, it could work.

How do you make a action replay cheat that you made work?

You cant make AR codes.

How can you make the cheat console work in spellforce 2?

control and + OR control and ]