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control and + OR control and ]

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Q: How can you make the cheat console work in spellforce 2?
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How can you make the cheat console work in QUAKE 3?

The best way is to activate cheats in the console, is by putting in /sv_cheats 0, this should then make the cheats work. There are any number of cheats and so it is recommended noting them down. What else that might be useful is that it does not allow cheats in multiplayer.

Why doesn't the Forza 2 money cheat work on my console?

the mony glich wont work on your console because when you create an xbox lile id it automaticly downloads a pach for your games

Why is it when you enter a cheat on need for speed carbon it does not work?

it depends on what games console you've got it for it wont work on the psp or the ps2 but some do on the xbox 360

Will a UK wii console work in the USA?

The console will work. (Make sure you have a transformer for the voltage.) But you'll need to buy all your games in the UK.

How do u make a game console?

Answer: You cant unless you work for Nintendo Inc. or other game console companys.

How do you make your own cheat codes for Pokemon pearl?

you dont that makes no sence at all if you make a cheat code it will never work

Pokemon Pearl cheat 'copy' works?

to make the cheat work you must press select and up

How do you make a action replay cheat that you made work?

You cant make AR codes.

How do you get American Wii games to work on United kingdom Wii console?

It is not possible to play a US game on a UK console. However, a US console will work in the UK with only a UK power cable.

Your game is not working how can you get it to work its a ps2 game it doesnt even get to the menu how can i get it too work?

Make sure everything is plugged in, Make sure you have the right console, Try another game to make sure the console works (If not you will have to get the console fixed), Now try the CD and if it still doesn't work, open your mouth wide and blow on the shiney side and try again (not to mention, make sur the shiney side pointed down when you put it in!). If it still doesn't work, take it back.

Will an English ps3 console work in Australia?

No, a British console will only work in Britain and Europe.

Can cheat engine 5.5 work on combat arms?

Cheat Engine 5.5 DOES NOT Work On Anything Just Makes Illusions To Make It Look Like You Have More Coins ect..