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go to lillycove and there is a giant red building. Go inside and there are small square machines. And there are people around them. Talk to them.

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Q: How do you make pokeblocks in pokemon emrald?
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Where do you make pokeblocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

contest hall

How can you get pokeblocks in Pokemon HeartGold?

There are no PokeBlocks in HG/SS.

How do you make friendship in Pokemon emerald?

If you put Soothe Bell on a Pokemon or give it Pokeblocks.

Where do you make pokeblocks on Pokemon Ruby?

You can make pokeblocks at any contest hall i would suggest blending berries at lilycove city's contest hall.

How do you get your Pokemon to get affection on Pokemon on Pokemon volcano?

Feed it Pokeblocks and make sure it doesn't faint in battles.

Why is your pokemon not eating anymore pokeblocks?

Pokemon can only have a set number of pokeblocks. Once they have eaten that set number, they will never be able to eat any more. The only way that you can get your pokemon all the way to the highest amount of a skill is to make really good pokeblocks.

Where is larvitar in pokemon emrald?


Pokemon emrald how to get a dawn stone?

You do not get

Is Pokemon Emrald real?


Can you download Pokemon Emrald on a DS?


Can you clone items in emrald version?

yes you do the same thing as you do to clone Pokemon but make the Pokemon you are cloning hold a item

What pokeblocks does wobbuffet like in Pokemon ruby?

Depends on it's nature allthough usually it likes blue pokeblocks or pokeblocks with dry qualities.