How do you make pizza with an apron on in club penguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You must be wearing the Pizza apron, which is only available to members in the catalog. Then, use the pizza emote to flip and make pizzas. If you make five, you earn a stamp.

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Q: How do you make pizza with an apron on in club penguin?
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What do you do with a pizza apron in club penguin?

you could make pizza but you cant serve it to penguins

How do you do jobs on Club Penguin?

To do jobs on Club Penguin you need the apron. Like if you want to make pizza and work in the pizza parlor, you need the pizza apron. I am Ringling9 I am always on Walrus Watch out for me

How do you deliver a pizza in club penguin?

In club penguin you cant actually deliver a pizza lots of penguins pretend to deliver pizza but you cant actually hold a pizza. But in club penguin if you have the chefs hat and apron if you start to dance your penguin will make a pizza.

How do you use pizza apron in club penguin?

you should buy it at the catalog, and you can use it to make "pizza", you have to quit all the stuff in you and put in the chef hat with and without the pizza apron. clicking at the button of dancing. hope you understand me !

In Club Penguin How do you make pizzas with a chef hat?

You have to wear only the hat and the pizza apron. Then dance or click the letter "D".

How do you make pizza on club penguin with apron on?

Well, when you have the apron on, you must have the white chef hat too. Start dancing when both are on. Then your penguin will be making pizza. If you don't have the hat then you can't do it. If you just have the white chef hat then you can start dancing and it will make the pizza. Oh and when your at the brown puffle room during the puffle party. Go stand near a table and start making pizza, the table will put pizza on it. You can do it with your cake apron,coffee apron and any other. Plus the popcorn.

Can you make pizza on club penguin DS?


On club penguin how do you spin the pizza in the air?

You need the pizza apron and hat. Then you dance. Make sure you don't have any other items on. You can find the pizza items in the gift store. But, they might not be there sometimes. It will come back eventually.

On club penguin elite penguin force can you make pizza?

You can't belive me I've tried.

How do you make pizzas on Club Penguin?

Walk to the Plaza, and enter the Pizza Parlor. There should be a beaded curtain in the top left corner. Click on it, and you will access the Pizzatron 3000. There is a red lever on the picture of the Pizzatron 3000. It is turned to "normal mode". To access "candy mode", simply click the red lever and it will move to "candy mode".

On club penguin how do you make a ice cream?

you need to have the blue apron and put it on with nothing else then press on dance

Can you make something out of gold on club penguin?

Well, first you have to have the goldsmith apron but you can't make something out of the gold you make when you wave or dance.