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Well, I don't really KNOW but I have an idea how it should work:

1. Go to your control settings and set keys / buttons for something like "quick record start" & "quick record end". (I think it is under the "Misc" section)

2. Play the scenes for your movie in the game. Use the previously set commands to start / stop the recording. (Only one scene per mission or you may overwrite your previously recorded)

3. Press "Esc" and click on "End Mission". Then click on "Save Track". Type in any easy to find name and click on "Save".

4. Return to main menu and select "Play Track".

5. Run any software capable of capturing viedeos from your screen. (I use "Cyberlink YouCam", which came with my Windows 7.

6. Go to your video capturing software. Select the whole sreen to be recorded and press "Start Recording" or however your button is called.

7. Back in Il-2, select your recorded scene and play it. (I would recommend to set "Manual View Control" to "On" so you can get the right perspective for your scenes)

8.When your scene is over, go to your video capturing application and stop the recording. Save the recorded video in any format you need it.

9. Almost done! Now you just have to get your hands on a video editor and cut away the recorded menu screens and anything you don't want to be in your movie.

10. Repeat this with all scenes, paste them together using your video editor and maybe add some titles to your movie.

11. That's it!

I hope this works, I'm gonna try it tomorrow and tell you guys wheter it does work or not.

Cheers, Till

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Q: How do you make movies with il2 1946?
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