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Check a berries tag in your Bag find a berry that has a red circle around the word Dry use this berry in the berry blender to make a blue pokeblock or liteblue. Try using a Ganlon berry.

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Q: How do you make beauty pokeblocks in Pokemon sapphire?
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Where do you make pokeblocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

contest hall

In Pokemon Sapphire where do you make poffins?

You cannot make poffins in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald but you can make pokeblocks at contest centers

How do you get you Pokémon happier?

certain pokeblocks can make Pokemon happier if your talking about Pokemon emerald or Sapphire, but generally the more you raise your Pokemon the happier they become.

How do you get a blue scarf in Pokemon Sapphire?

To get a blue scarf in Pokemon sapphire you must take the Pokemon you want to hold the scarf in Slateport city and enter the Fan club.Your Pokemon must have maxed beauty,smartness e.t.c depending on what scarf you want to take.To maximize the beauty,coolness e.t.c you must feed it high level pokeblocks and you can make those from dry berries.Check the berry's description and you'll see which is dry.

What are pokeblocks in Pokemon platinum?

Instead of Pokeblocks, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl use Poffin. They use the same flavors like Dry is Beauty, Bitter is Smart, etc. You can make them in the Poffin house in Hearthome City.

On Pokemon emerald is there a way to make your beauty go up without pokeblocks?

yes there are certain colour scarfs you can obtain which make thses stats increase

How do you mack pokeblock in Pokemon Diamond?

you can only get pokeblocks in ruby, sapphire and emerald. However if you talk to the Pokemon fanclub chairman he'll give you a poffin case. And you can make poffins in the poffin house at hearthome city.

How do you make friendship in Pokemon emerald?

If you put Soothe Bell on a Pokemon or give it Pokeblocks.

Where do you make pokeblocks on Pokemon Ruby?

You can make pokeblocks at any contest hall i would suggest blending berries at lilycove city's contest hall.

How do you get your Pokemon to get affection on Pokemon on Pokemon volcano?

Feed it Pokeblocks and make sure it doesn't faint in battles.

Why is your pokemon not eating anymore pokeblocks?

Pokemon can only have a set number of pokeblocks. Once they have eaten that set number, they will never be able to eat any more. The only way that you can get your pokemon all the way to the highest amount of a skill is to make really good pokeblocks.

How do you make green pokeblocks on sapphire?

you simply get certain kinds of barries and blend them in a particular way. that's all