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To make a Stone Pickaxe, you need to make a Crafting Table. The Stone Pickaxe is made of 2 Vertical Sticks of Wood under 3 Horizontal Pieces of Cobblestone.

If you don't understand this, or want more Crafting Recipes, you can follow the link.
A pick axe can be made by placing two stick going up in the crafting table, then three stone going sideways on the top row!

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Q: How do you make a stone pickaxe in minecraft?
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Can you use smooth stone to make a stone pickaxe in minecraft?

No, it has to be Cobblestone.

How do you mine diamonds on Minecraft?

You need an iron pickaxe. Also, you need a stone pickaxe to mine iron and a wooden pickaxe to mine stone.

How do you mind stone in Minecraft?

You need a pickaxe. Any pickaxe will work.

What tool do you use to mine iron in Minecraft for PS3?

For Vanilla Minecraft, you will need a stone pickaxe (or better) to mine iron ore.

How do you get cobblestone on Minecraft?

Mine a peice of "Stone" with A pickaxe

What tool do you mine to get iron on minecraft?

Stone pickaxe.

How do you make a stone pickaxe on minecraft?

you can make a stone picaxe by putting a stick on the bottan mittle and one on the mittle...mittle,then put stone across the top.

How do you get an iron ingot in minecraft while on super flat mode?

If you can find a village, steal wood from them, break it into sticks, and create a wooden pickaxe. Then, once you have enough stone, make a stone pickaxe.

How do you get cobblestone in minecraft pocket edition?

you mine stone with a pickaxe

Can you mine iron with a wood pickaxe on minecraft?

No, you need at least a Stone pickaxe, to mine the Iron Ore.

What can you use to mine lapis laulizi in minecraft?

You can find it in caves and you must dig it with pickaxe (not wooden or stone pickaxe)

What do you need to mine iron on mindcraft?

Minecraft* You need a stone pickaxe to mine iron in Minecraft.