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ok..the last person who put the answer must not know anything about minecraft...i play it alot and i know that this is what u do:

if u are on a server then just change ur game mode by typing: /<player> gamemode 1.....which changes it to creative and 0 is thats how....also if u are in single player and want to make it a server just take the map and put it into the server prperties but rename it world.....done and done

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Q: How do you make a minecraft map in creative and then let other people play it as survival?
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Which is better on minecraft survival or creative?

Depends, do you like to to build with unlimited materials, health, and flight or trying to fight of monsters whit whatever you can find Sometimes what I do is I make a fort in creative and switch it to survival (press esc and click on creative or survival to switch to the other)

Do you like Minecraft?

Yes! You can build anything in creative mode, fight a ton of mobs in survival mode, kill or team up with people in multiplayer, play custom made maps by other people or build a map for other people to play, you are free to buold whatever your imagination can imagine. Have fun with minecraft!

How do you find wheat seeds in Minecraft creative?

In Minecraft creative, you can just get them from your creative inventory by typing in 'seeds'. Same with every other item!

What are good Minecraft survival servers?

Check on websites such as planet minecraft or other sources to find the latest survival servers that have been pinged and work.

How do you switch from creative mode to survival in minecraft?

You can't get survival mode in the free version of minecraft if by 'free' minecraft you mean 'classic' minecraft. To get survival mode you must purchase minecraft on the minecraft website.

What is the awesome game minecraft?

Minecraft is the indie sandbox game where you can either survive in the wild, be creative and build huge contraptions and creations, or you can play online with other people on multiplayer servers, which add new items and/or abilities to the game.

Do you need mod loader for minecraft 1.2.5 too many items?

no, too many items mod is a separate mod which allows you to get any block or item from your inventory as if you were in creative mode. there are also various other features of the mod, like switch from survival to creative etc.

Can you have redstone lamp in creative mode on minecraft?

Yes, it will appear in the creative mode inventory, along with every other block and item (except fireworks and spawners).

How do you change to survival in mulitplayer on minecraft?

If you are allowed to use commands ( have permissions ) or is OP (operator) on the server than you can use this command. Three Ways To Change To Survival. 1) In chat, type in /gamemode 0 2) In chat, type in /gamemode s 3) In chat, type in /gamemode survival Other Commands: 1) Creative, /gamemode 1 2) Adventure Mode, /gamemode 2 3) /gamemode 3 or beyond is SURVIVAL mode.

How do you blow up TNT in minecraft pocket edition creative?

Flint and Steel in Survival Mode. Can't in creative.

How do you put armor on in creative mode?

First, you don't need it, as you're invincible. Second, I don't know of any ways other than using commands or toomanyitems to switch to survival to put the armor on, then swithpching back to creative

How do you do other people in creative in minecraft?

To change the gamemode of a player, you would use the command /gamemode and in the player spot you put the name of the person that you want to change the gamemode of