Do you like Minecraft

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes! You can build anything in creative mode, fight a ton of mobs in survival mode, kill or team up with people in multiplayer, play custom made maps by other people or build a map for other people to play, you are free to buold whatever your imagination can imagine.

Have fun with minecraft!

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heck yeah

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great answer thank you

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Q: Do you like Minecraft
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Is there anything like Minecraft?

In an ipad, there is eeden. It is sort of like minecraft, but different.

What is the closest thing to Minecraft?

A game called Eden it is a game like minecraft except you play like in creative mode in minecraft

Which is better Minecraft or halo?

Minecraft and Halo is a different game. If you like building, Minecraft is the choice If you like blowing and killing people and make them ragequit, Halo is the choice

What is the minecraft folder meant to look like?

A folder called .minecraft

What is more valuable diamonds or rubies?

i think its diamonds!(like in minecraft)

Do yall like Minecraft?

yah I play Minecraft story mode on Netflix but no thanks and no thankyou

Are there any games like minecraft free and online?

There are plenty of games like minecraft for free, like infiniminer and manic digger.

What does a horses look like in Minecraft?

there are no natural horses found in minecraft =0

Is there a application just like minecraft for mac computers?

No, but Minecraft does work on Macs.

Is minecraft sp illegal?

Nope and yes.It is like a demo for the full version of minecraft.

Are there games like Minecraft?

You could try FortressCraft for the Xbox 360. or Terraria Its like playing minecraft but in 2d. Or Cubelands, it's a lot like it but. it doesn't seem to have the same polish. There are not many games like minecraft but you could try EDEN.

How many like Minecraft?