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You will need Cola, Cream Soda, and licorice. This requires a stove 2 cook it on.

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Q: How do you make a fizzletwist pop in webkinz world?
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In webkinz world how do you make ocean bubblyglub?

sushi orange pop lolipop in blender

How do you make a vegisicle on webkinz?

peas, carrots, kinzville ice pop

How do you make sweet creola in webkinz?

You make Sweet Creola By using orange pop, cream soda and sushi in a blender. I tried it and it works! :)

When do you see Jerry in Webkinz World?

You can see jerry when there is a super sale in the w-shop. e will pop up rarely

Were do you get a user name and a password to use webkinz?

If you dont have a webkinz toy, then to get a webkinz username and password, you have to buy the toy. Then you go to the webkinz homepage which is and click New Member, which is located under Log In. Then a screen will pop up and will ask you if you have a pet code, since you bought the pet, then you click I Have a Pet Code. A video of Ms. Birdy will pop up and she will tell you some things and a clipboard will show up, then you click Make a New Account. Then another clipboard will pop up explaining how webkinz world works. You then click OK. Then another clipboard will pop up asking you what country you live in. Then you choose the country you are living in. Ms. Birdy then shows you the time zone you have selected. Then you give them information about yourself on another clipboard. Then you choose a username for yourself by typing it in the box provided. Another clipboard will pop up and then you choose a password for your account. Then another clipboard will ask you to enter the secret code on your pet. After that is complete then you give your pet a name, tell them if you want it to be a boy or a girl, and then the give you a birth certificate for your pet. Enjoy your Webkinz World fun!

What happened to zingoes pop in webkinz arcade?

nothing. it still there. you must have missed it.

How do you use the Webkinz studio in Webkinz?

To gte to webkinz studio you put in your room and walk up to it. It should pop up a screen that shows it. (You might have to walk up to it quiet a few times) thnx!

What pop star likes Webkinz?

Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros, and Frankie Jonas

How do you get candy from the ghost on webkinz?

You have to got to the Clubhouse and once every hour he will pop up in any room.

Can you give Webkinz a bath?

Yes, you can give your webkinz a bath. First, if you do not already have a bath, go to the webkinz shop and buy one. Once you have one, you put it in your room. once that is done, you click on the bathtub. once you click on it, a screen will pop up with your webkinz in a bathtub. there are many things to do in the bathtub. Hope this helps! Anonymous

When does the Webkinz ghost pop out?

if you just play a game it will pop up but i already got 3 pieces. After you click on the ghost you will have to wait for another three hours till it pops up again

What are some ideas for a house in webkinz preferably light blue and purple?

Use some things from the Sky and Pop Star themes.