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You have to got to the Clubhouse and once every hour he will pop up in any room.

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Q: How do you get candy from the ghost on webkinz?
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Is there going to be a Webkinz ghost?

no there will not be a webkinz ghost no there will not be a webkinz ghost

What is the special prize you get from collecting all of the candy from the Webkinz ghost?

you get a special carvable pumpkin

Where is the ghost in the webkinz clubhouse?

the ghost will pop up in anyroom at the clubhouse you have to click on it and it will give you one piece of webkinz candy you can only get a piece of candy from it every three hours !!!!!!!That is a great question! First of all, the webkinz ghost only in in webkinz October. And I have only seen the ghost in one room and that is the Trading room. And since I go on kinz chat plus most of the time, he might just be there but. Remeber, there might be other rooms but this the one that I saw him.

What is spooky in the clubhouse on Webkinz clubhouse?

It is a ghost that shows up when you are at the clubhouse and he give you a piece of candy for your collection. I was looking up the same thing while I was on webkinz and he just appeared.

How often does the webkinz ghost?

i have found the webkinz ghost mostly in the reading room hope that helps

How do you get candy from the Webkinz ghost?

It is luck. You need to find the Webkinz ghost or have him find you. Then if you see him/her you click on him/her. Once you have clicked on the ghost you will not be able to click on him/her in the next three hours. I am not sure if he will appear in the same room though.Actually, I believe it is only every 2 hours. The Halloween event ended today, November 2nd. If you want further information you can visit the link below. Hope this helped :)

What does the spring trampoline and the carnival candy carrots look like what you get with the cotton candy bunny?

go here :

What are the most unhealthy foods in Webkinz?


Where to find the webkinz trick or treat ghost?

the clubhouse

Is the Webkinz cotton candy sheep in the Webkinz estore?

yes the cotten cady sheep is at the ganz estore.

What is the webkinz ghosts special treat?

I didn't know there was a ghost.

Webkinz cotton candy bunny?

A Cotton Candy Bunny is a Stuffed animal you can go online on