How do you make a crossword puzzle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First, choose the words you want to have in your crossword puzzle. They can be related if you want your puzzle to have a certain theme, but it doesn't need one. Then arrange your words so that the words that have letters in common overlap at that letter. Number the beginnings of each word (have "across" words and "down" words) and write a clue for each one. Then arrange your puzzle on grid paper, leaving a box for each letter of each word. Don't actually write the letters in, since someone needs to solve it! Shade in the unused parts of the grid, and give the grid and the clues to someone so they can solve it.

I've heard that there are websites you can use to make your own crossword puzzles, which would make my entire paragraph up there pretty pointless (except for the part about coming up with the words). I don't have a link to any of those websites, though. Does anyone else?

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Q: How do you make a crossword puzzle?
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You can make a really good crossword puzzle at I made a crossword there and stumped all my classes.

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Clue: A Cross____ is a popular type of puzzle (4 letters). Excel doesn't fit try WORD. A Word table is much better for creating a crossword. In Word you can make the whole thing in to a form, fillable on-line while ensure that input is restricted to one letter per square in upper case. Alternatively you can embed hidden answers and send the document to friends. If you must use Excel use alternate rows for numbers and letters. To make a 13x13 grid, format 13 columns to a width of 4.4. format 26 rows alternately to height of 9 or 15. Each square of the crossword grid will be two cells high to be capable of accommodating a number and a letter. Within the grid area the cells in the smaller rows should be formatted to use 8 Point Courier New and aligned top right. In the larger rows cells should use Arial 16 and be aligned to 'center' both vertically and horizontally. Put borders to define the grid squares, remembering that vertically there are two cells to a square. Hide the gridlines on the worksheet. Create black squares by changing the pattern in the two cells of a square to black. Either choose a grid pattern first and find words and clues to fit or make up the pattern as you go along. Fill in the answers and make sure you number each square correctly. Save the result and then remove the answers and save the file under a different name.

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yes all you have to do is hide the words

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That's not really a question... a crossword puzzle using mathematical terms is still a crossword puzzle. If you're looking for such a puzzle in particular, just google "math crossword" and you'll get a number of sites offering free math crossword puzzles.

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See the related link below.

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