Who write the clues for a crossword puzzle?

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There will be a person that works for the newspaper or magazine which the crossword will feature in, and they will be in charge of using a computer program that creates the clues for the crossword puzzle.

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Q: Who write the clues for a crossword puzzle?
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What is a crossword?

A crossword is a blank grid puzzle that you fill in by answering the given clues.

Cell crossword puzzle answers?

This is not a question. Being that this is not a complete question it can not be answered. If the clues for the crossword puzzle were provided they could be answered.

What do they mean by across in a crossword puzzle?

The clues for words that are entered horizontally in a crossword are labeled "Across."

How many clues were there in the first crossword puzzle published in the US?


How do you get crossword answer?

To get crossword puzzle answers you look at the numbered clues and find out what they mean and what matchs the clue then you put your answer to the clue in its numbered space

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What is a crossword puzzle?

Puzzle in which words are filled into a pattern of numbered squares in answer to correspondingly numbered clues and in such a way that words can be read across and down

How do you say crossword puzzle in spanish?

crossword puzzle

How do you successfully complete a crossword puzzle?

answer all the clues-using your word skills,those of friends,consulting a dictionary etc

6-7 puzzle crossword polygons in the coordinate plane?

Where is the crossword puzzle?

What is the meaning of Hatch on the Hill?

Hatch on the Hill is a crossword puzzle clue that is seen more than five different times. You have to look at all the clues to get the answer in order to complete the puzzle

What are the answers for the element challenge puzzle?

There are many levels involved i the Element Challenge puzzle game. Clues and hints for the levels are available to help players determine the solutions.

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