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Q: What is a five letter word in crossword puzzle for make up that begins with an a and ends with e?
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What is a four letter word that ends in a The crossword puzzle clue A hero's tale?


What 4 letter plant ends in e?

aloe is the classic crossword puzzle answer. Others include rose, cane.

What word begins and ends with the letter z?

No word in the English language begins and ends with the letter z.

Letter begins with F and ends with Y?

letters begins withf and y and if ends with letter m

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No country begins with the letter N and ends with the letter O.

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Scissors is an 8 letter word. It begins and ends with S.

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Corona is exterior not interior. Either you forgot the question or your crossword puzzle author needs to get some sun (no pun intended).

5 letter name of a fruit that starts with L third letter L and fifth letter N?

There does not appear to be a fruit with a name fitting that description. Are you certain that the name you are seeking isn't "lemon" ? Lemon is a 5 letter name of a fruit that starts with "L" and ends ith "N" However the third letter is an "M" instead of an "L". Perhaps you are doing a crossword puzzle and have the third letter (word) incorrect in the crossword puzzle.

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Tarantella is a 10 letter word. It begins with the letter T and ends with the letter A.

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A word that begins and ends with E and has only 1 letter in between is EYE. Begins and ends with E and the Y is in between.

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Bluebird is a bird. It begins and ends with B.

What word begins with e and ends with e but ony has one letter?

Envelope begins and ends with the letter e. It contains one letter.

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