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I think that the Move Deleter lives on an island on the far left side of the map were the flying type Jim is.

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Q: How do you make a Pokemon forget an hm in silver?
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Is there a hm deleter on Pokemon soul silver?

There is a move deleter who can make pokemon forget HM moves.

How do you forget HM moves in Pokemon soul silver?

There's a move deleter in blackthorn city he can remove hm moves.

Is there a Pokemon Soul Silver action replay code that deletes all hm's?

No but if you go to the move deleter in Blackthorn city he can make your Pokemon forget HMs

What if a Pokemon does not want to forget an hm?

Pokemon cant forget hm thay can only forget TM

How do you make your Pokemon forget hm moves?

take the Pokemon to a guy in lilycove city and he makes them forget

Swawnpert will not forget surf. How do you make Pokemon forget an HM if it is refusing to forget?

Pokemon cannot forget HM's unless they're in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. But, if its from Emerald, add another Pokemon to your party that knows surf and ask the move deleter.

How do you make a pokemon forget a HM move?

talk to the move deleter

Why wont your Rayquaza forget fly?

fly is an HM and no Pokemon can forget an HM.

How do you make a Pokemon forget an hm in Pokemon emerald?

move deleter in lilycve (end of game)

How do you make Pokemon forget hm?

In all the Pokemon games, there is a Move Deleter person. Talk to him to delete moves.

How can you make a Pokemon forget an HM in Pokemon diamond?

the move deleter is in canalave city in a house below the pkmn centerthere is a HM deleter in pastoria or in jubilife or in heatrome.

If you have Pokemon with hm moves in diamond can you trade them to heart gold or soul silver?

Yes you can trade them over but they won't be able to forget the HM moves until you find the move deleter.