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I assume you mean TNT. All you have to do is hit it.

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Q: How do you make TNT explode on minecraft?
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How do you make TNT explode on the free version of Minecraft?

If you mean classic (Which I think you do) It wasn't made to explode (as is: It can't)

How do you make TNT explode in minecraft pocket edition v0.5.0?

They should have updated it by now to have the Flint and steel

How do you explode tnt on minecraft pocket editon?

There's currently no way.

Can you make a TNT on Minecraft classic explode?

Not without a mod. 303 Arrows mod is good for what you are looking for but I think it is outdated

How do you make TNT do player damage but not explode in Minecraft?

If TNT explodes while in water it will not destroy blocks but will damage any mobs (players, animal or monsters) in the blast radius.

How do you explode TNT in Minecraft Classic?

The previous way to explode TNT was by punching it. However, you can also make the TNT explode by placing it near lava (a timely manner to explode it), clicking on it with flint and steel, or any contact with fire. If you were not in classic, it could also be ignited by Redstone or fire charge or even a fire arrow (assuming you have the latest version of Minecraft). In the related links below, I have listed the wiki article for TNT.

How can you explode Minecraft tnt?

you can with different of stuff eg: lava, fire charge like those thing. You can redstone power to set off a TNT

How do you make TNT explode and destroy things on minecraft?

to make tnt explode you can either A. put a redstone torch next to it B. Put a button next to it and push it C. put a lever down next to it and activate lever D. place a presure pad infront of it and step on the pad To destroy things on minecraft hold down your left mouse button, to change go in options and controls

How do you explode TNT in Minecraft?

TNT can be ignited by using a Flint and Steel on it, or providing charge via a switch (lever, pressure plate, etc) or by an active redstone current.

How do you make TNT work in Minecraft classic?

you need to be in multi-player or a server to make the TNT work.

How to craft tnt in Minecraft?

To make TNT, place 5 gunpowder and 4 sand

Does combustion make TNT explode?

Yes. By lighting TNT with fire, (lava, flint and steel), the TNT will start to blow up.