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i don't know you but you sound sexy im tiff you sound hot im hot im sexy

Whoever answerd that first question is a retard. anyway to know when its Friday check in your journal.

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Q: How do you know when its Friday on Pokemon diamond i need to know?
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Where is driftloon in Pokemon diamond?

you need to go to valley windworks on a Friday on your DS it will be there all day

How do you get a croconaw in Pokemon Diamond?

You need to migrate this from one of the gamboy Pokemon games (don't know which)

What do you do with WiFi on Pokemon Diamond?

You can trade, battle, and have voice chats with your friends over Wifi in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, but to do so you need to know your friends' Friend Codes, and your friends need to know your Friend Code.

How do you type in cheats in Pokemon Diamond?

you need action replay by the way dose any one know any Pokemon R4 cheats for diamond

Where is the sun shard in Pokemon Diamond?

It's only used in Pokemon gale of darkness, to evolve Eevee into espion, to my knowledge. I do know that since Pokemon diamond has a clock, that there is no need for this item to exist in that game.

What moves must you know to through mt coronet on Pokemon diamond?

you need every HM

How do you get darkrai in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

you need to go to a Pokemon convetion you know like Pokemon world in New york city

Where can you get drifblim in Pokemon diamond?

you cant get a drifblim cuz u need a drifloon,u get drifloon at valley windworks on friday drifloon evolves at level 28

How can you push bolder in Pokemon?

you will need a Pokemon that know hm04 strength which you can get (diamond and pearl in the lost tower) and (platinum in iron island)

How do you get Pokemon that you made to the game Pokemon Diamond?

you need another ds and diamond, then trad the Pokemon to pearl. jay17

How do you get a Landsat berry on Pokemon Diamond?

Migrate a Pokemon holding it on Pokemon emerald. If you don't know how to get it on emerald you need to get every battle frontier symbol in silver.

Where is togetic in Pokemon Diamond?

you need to hatch a togepi in soulsilver or heartgold then trade it to pokemon diamond