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Since you are unable to access the Build or Buy mode when the social worker visits, it is literally impossible to kill the social worker. The only way he or she will die is by a total freak accident. Maybe he or she will die from too many flies in your home from lots of spoiled food, but it's highly unlikely since they don't stay on the property long enough to deal with the sickness they can get. If you have The Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack, maybe he or she will be struck by lightning and die. If you have The Sims 2 Free Time expansion pack, you can gain lifetime achievement points and unlock the ability to plead with the social worker to keep your children - she just might let you have a second chance. Otherwise, you better keep them fed, rested, and happy - and keep their grades up in school - or they will ALL be taken from you by the social worker even when only ONE of them was failing.

If Build Mode were accessible during a visit from the social worker, you could just build a small square room with nothing in it, place the child in the room before she visits, then remove the door so that she can't get out and will starve to death which is a pretty long process.

If you wanted to use a cheat, though, you could build that room with no doors (else he or she would escape) with no way to eat any food in there. Then, when she comes, use CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the cheat menu, type moveobjects onand then move her into the room when she comes to your home. In order to be able to pick her up, go to one of your Sims backpacks or to the special aspiration awards or career achievement objects menu (since Build and Buy Mode are inaccessible) and then click on her and place her in that room.

You should be taking care of your precious children anyways!

(New Poster)--If you're willing to use cheats, though, you can kill her almost instantaneously. CTRL+SHIFT+C, and in the cheat text-box that opens, type

boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

and then Shift+Click on the social worker. Select "Make Selectable." Her face should be added to the family icons on the left of your screen, meaning she is now controllable. Using her as the active Sim, Shift+Click on her again and choose "Spawn..." and then "Rodney's Death Creator." Once the Death Creator is spawned (it should be a tombstone) click on it and choose whichever way you'd like her to die. Remember that most of those deaths have special graphic effects (for example, drowning requires a water animation and satellite requires an animation of a satellite falling from the sky onto the Sim) which will not be seen if you use this method, so I recommend choosing "Disease" because all she will do is stagger around for a bit and then keel over and die. Once she's dead, make sure to CTRL+SHIFT+C again and type

boolprop testingcheatsenabled false

to turn off the cheat because it can do weird things to your game if you don't. Place the social worker's tombstone or urn wherever you want and you're done. Much quicker than leaving her in an empty, doorless room.

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Q: How do you kill a social worker in The Sims 2?
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