How do you kill a giratina?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In order to kill or faint Giratina, you have to attack it however the quickest option to knocking it out would be a dark-type attack however I would recommend to try to use a normal-type Pokémon that can learn a dark-type attack because then Giratina's Shadow Force attack won't work.

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Q: How do you kill a giratina?
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Where do you find haunter in Pokemon platinum?

catch or kill giratina the you'll go to sendoff spring haunter is somewhere there. NOTE if you dont believe me kill or catch giratina go in the portal where giratina was then look on the map!

What are the instructions to re-battle Giratina?

Before you battle Giratina, save. If you kill it, you can reset the cartridge and start over!

What happens if Dialga Palkia and Giratina?

Giratina will of course kill both Dialga and Palkia even if the match is 2 on 1!!!

What Pokemon can kill Giratina in Pokemon Platinum?

Any if there strong enough, just dont use moves that have no affect on Giratina. But dont use Magikarp :~)

What happens if you kill Giratina?

In Platinum, you first meet Giratina in the Distortion World. If you kill him there instead of catching him, he will reappear post-game in Turnback Cave (off of Route 214). If you caught him in the Distortion World, you’ll find a Griseous Orb in Turnback Cave where Giratina would‘ve been. He only appears post-game in Turnback Cave in Diamond and Pearl. If you kill him there, well…just make sure you save the game before battling him.

Can you kill Giratina only using a empoleion?

i think if it knows an icetype move that should do it because giratina is ghost/dragon and ice is super effective to dragon type

Why is Giratina chasing Dialga?

Because in the manga storyline, Palkia and Dialga battled in the "overworld", and to compensate for the damages, the "Reverse World", Giratina's homeplace, put out a bunch of noxious fumes. Giratina hated them both for it, so it is trying to kill them, I suppose, or at least trap them so they can't do it anymore.

How do you get giratina in pearl?

You can't giratina in pearl, you can only get giratina in Platinum,

How do you get out of the reverse world without getting Giratina in Pokemon platinum?

You cant, u have to either capture it or kill it, its better if u capture it

Do you get a second chance to capture Giratina in Pokemon diamond?

yes. just save when you get to it and if you kill it turn it off IMEDEATLEY and when you get back he will be right there

Who is stronger Giratina or Kyuren?

Giratina is stronger.

When was Giratina created?

Giratina was created in 2006.