How does Giratina change forms?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can find change giratina 1 way or you can find giratina

the first way to change giratina is to transfer it to platinum

the first way to find giratina is to go to the pillar and it will


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1. Simply go to the Distortion World with Giratina in your party

2. Give Giratina the Griseous Orb.

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Q: How does Giratina change forms?
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Can Giratina change color?

Not color, but it can change forms. Though, if it's a shiny Giratina, it'll be a different color than a normal Giratina.

How do you change girintinas forms in diamond?

You can't change Giratina's form in Pokémon Diamond or Pearl, you can only change it in Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How do you change giratinna's form on pearl?

You can't change Giratina's form in Pokemon Pearl (that includes Diamond). You can change Giratina's form in Pokemon Platinum (that includes Heart Gold and Soul Silver). You can change Giratina's form with the Griseous Orb. To change Giratina's form give Griseous Orb to Giratina and then take it off and Giratina changed its form.

How do you change Giratina into origin form?

Beat the Elite Four and then go to Turnback cave(South of Veilstone along Spring Path)In there is an entrance to the distortion world where the Griseous orb lies. Make Giratina hold it and he will change into the origin form.

Who is Giratina Origin Forme?

Giratina Altered Forme is a character form from the popular Pokemon game series. It is actually Giratina's altered form.

How do you get a Grieous orb on Pokemon Diamond?

Well, the Griseous Orb transforms Giratina into it's other forme in Platinum so, you can't actually get a Griseous Orb in Diamond. But if you trade Pokemon with someone who has platinum (and Giratina origin form) you can remove their griseous orb and give it to your giratina, it may change forms.

What new Pokemon are there going to be on Platinum?

the same with 5 forms of rotom and 2 forms of giratina and a new shaymin

What is the 5 new Pokemon in POKEMON platinum I found the answer by my self there are 14 that i found but im not going to tell you till you find at least 7 SO START hunting?

get the gracidea flower for shaymin to change and get some orb to change giratina there are about 5 different forms for rotom, another form for giratina and another form for shaymin

How do you get Giratina to change form in pokemon explores of time?

you cant but you can in explorers of the sky by getting giratina's special orb

How do you change Giratina's form in Pokemon pearl?

you can't

What is the other form of the pokemo Giratina?

there are two forms, origin forme, and altered forme.

How many are there going to be?

same amount its just giratina shaymin and rotom who will have difrent forms