Giratina's origin form

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to get giratina you need to go to the distortion world and catch it but when you go back to your world it will change it's form to altered form

to keep it in it's original form you need to have giratina, beet the Pokemon league then go back to the distortion world and you will apper where you catched giratina,go down then you will see a pokeball go get it and it will give you the griseious orb now go back to your world again and give the griseious orb to giratina and it will change back to it's original form

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Q: Giratina's origin form
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How do you get Giratinas new form in Pokemon Diamond with Action Replay?

You can't. you can only get Ghiritina's origin form in Pokemon Platinum, which is coming soon.

How do you get Giratinas form on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get origan form in Pokemon pearl. Sorry...

Who is the scareist Pokemon?

Well if you arent paying attention mabey Giratinas origin form in the movie my make you jump back if it would do a close up as you turn around to watch the movie lol.

How do you get Giratinas orgin form in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

It's not possible. My younger brother has a gresieous orb, but when he goes in the union room with it, it says no item. A gresieous orb can only be obtained in Pokemon platinum. It's the only item that keeps giratina in it'a origin form.

How do you change Giratinas form platinum?

You need to give it the Griseous Orb to hold, and it will automatically change forme.

What Pokemon are only in Pokemon Platinum?

it has all the same like diamond and pearl except thst it has giratinas special fly form

In Pokemon explorers of sky which dungeons will change Giratinas form?

sky peak sky tower beach cave amp plains and mount bristle

Is there a new Pokemon game call Pokemon platem?

Yes but the game is called Pokemon Platnium It features Giratinas Orion form. Please visit for more info.

How do you get Giritina into Origin form?

you can't get origin form in diamond and pearl, but in platinum you can

What is the new Pokemon game upcoming and what Pokemon is on the cover?

That would be Pokemon Platinum coming 2009 it's cover has Giratinas origion form. Visit for a picture of the box and more info on the game.

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