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firstly find the IP for a server you'd like to join. secondly load up minecraft and click on the multiplayer menu. either go into direct connect or add server, for direct connect simply enter the IP of the server into the prompted box and press connect. however if you'd like to join the server again then press "add sever" name the server then enter the IP and then it will be saved for use later on.

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Q: How do you join multiplayer severs in minecraft?
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How much is it to get minecraft?

The original "offline" version is free however if you are looking to play "online" and join severs the cost is $15.95. After paying that you have a life time subscription to the multiplayer/full aspect of the game.

How do you invite people to your house on minecraft?

Minecraft has a multiplayer option at the main menu. you must make a multiplayer server, or join one to play with friends.

Would anybody be willing to let me join their multiplayer survival server on Minecraft?

See the related link for the Minecraft forum.

What features you get when you buy Minecraft that you don't have on the offline version?

You can join, and create Minecraft multiplayer servers with plugins, and other things.

How do you join Minecraft servers?

First, open up Minecraft. Log in, and then click multiplayer. Next, click "Direct Connect". Then, type in the IP of the server, and click join.

How do you play minecraft online with random people?

Simply click "Multiplayer" then do "direct connect" or "add server" and type in a server IP. From there, you can play with friends and family on a Minecraft server.

How many severs in Minecraft?

Thousands and thousands

Does multiplayer come with Minecraft?

Yes, Multiplayer comes with Minecraft on the PC.

How come I can't play minecraft with someone in Canada?

You can, you just need to both join the same multiplayer server.

Why you cant join minecraft multiplayer its says verify username?

Because you probobally have a free account or you havn't bought it

How do you create or join a LAN world in minecraft?

To make a LAN server, there should be a button in the menu. The join, you go the the multiplayer button in the main menu. If there are any that you can join, it will tell you.

How do you join a server in Minecraft?

In Minecraft classic you just go to the minecraft homepage and click classic multiplayer. From there you can choose a server you want to join, simple as that!If you want to join an beta server, that's a whole different story! To join an beta server you should first start minecraft, then you click multiplayer. The next part is much different than classic multiplayer, you need to get an IP address for the server you want to join, there are several websites that list such. Here is an example/server (If you want to join it): can just copy and past it into the entry bar asking for the address!Also in the new update 1.8 in beta you can save the servers you visited in a list unfortunately if you have a newer version of minecraft and the server hasn't updated you will not be allowed to connect to it