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Install bukkit

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Q: How do you install plugins to a Minecraft Server as I do not have a plugins folder or a dot jar folder?
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How do you install plugins for a default minecraft server?

You drag it into the plugins folder. If you want plugins in your minecraft server use bukkit, not the vanilla minecraft server.

What do you need to run plugins on a minecraft server?

First you install bukket, then drag the plugin into the Plugin Folder

How do you install plugins on a Minecraft server?

You go to BukkitDEV or Bukkit Plugin list. Then Download and take the .jar into the plugins Also, some come with folders so put the folder in the plugins folder aswell. *Note* You need a Bukkit server for this.

How do you add plugins to your minecraft server?

Place the plugin into the plugin folder and restart the server.

How do you download mob disguise on minecraft i still dont understand can you make a server for me then give me the server address please?

It's pretty easy. You're gonna need a Minecraft BUKKIT Server, just search 'Bukkit' in your browser. Once it's all set up, go into your server folder then go into the 'Plugins' folder. Which is obviously MobDisguise, then drag the ZIP into your 'Plugins' folder. Now run your server and enjoy!

Can you delete a minecraft server?

Yes. To delete a Minecraft server, stop the server (issue the "stop" command to the server), and then delete the server files (, the world folder, etc.) If you put the server into its own folder, then simply delete that entire folder to be rid of your server.

How did you delete a Minecraft server?

Just delete the folder with your Minecraft server stuff and you're done.

How do you give yourself complete admin control on your Minecraft 1.8 server?

you have to put yourself on the ops.txt in the minecraft server folder

How can you make your single player minecraft world in to a multiplayer one?

In your saves for Minecraft, copy the world that you want to make into a server world. Be sure to copy the entire folder. Open your server folder and paste it there. In the server properties file, change the name of the server to the name of your world's folder. Then launch the server and it should be your exact world.

Is There a way to delete your minecraft server and remake it?

yes. just delete your server files, or if you just dont like the world, then delete the folder called "world" in you server folder.

How do you dis-install single player commands in minecraft?

Delete the bin folder in the .minecraft folder, start Minecraft, and it will say that it's updating. Let it update, then install all of the mods over again, but don't install the one(s) that you don't want.

How do you edit your Minecraft server?

The only way to edit some stuff on the server is to open the in the main Minecraft folder (or server folder if you made one) and there you can edit the world seed, turn monsters off, change or add a static IP address, etc.