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You go to an empty match then let people join or just invite them

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Q: How do you host a game in Call of Duty black ops?
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How do you host a game of xbox live call of duty 4?

Hosting comes at complete randomosity.

Why do you need a host in Call of Duty?

Because the host connects to the server to host the game while the other players connect to the host. That way it doesn't bog down the servers.

How do you host a game in call of duty modern warfare 2?

get there first and be on the same team as the other people

At what rank can you kick a player on call of duty world at war?

You could be any rank but you have to be host in the game.

Is Call of Duty better then Littlebigplanet?

Call of Duty is a game that is also a series. The game is old and not better than LBP. The series has some of the highest selling games ever (Like Black Ops, MW2, & MW3) and a host of fans for all platforms while LittleBigPlanet is exclusive to PS3 and the Playstation Portables

Can ear mights lay eggs without a host?

no because in call of duty you need a host to start a game so you need a host to lay eggs

How do you get godmode on Call of Duty Black Ops zombies?

With a modded gamesave or a jtag. Jtags will get you ip banned, but you can use Modio to download a gamesave instead. Jtags will let you mod the game online if you're host.

Why does Call of Duty migrate hosts?

Call of Duty migrates hosts for two main reasons. 1st- If the original host leaves or is disconnected the game cannot be played until someone is chosen as the new host. If there is no available or good host, the game ends. But, if there is someone with a good Internet connection who can host it, the game "refreshes" itself and is being hosted by someone else 2nd- The current host is having bad connection, making the game near or impossible to play any longer without it crashing, so a new host must be chosen for the game to continue Hope this helps!

How do you become a host on the wii Call of Duty?

It's a random selection based on best connection or who has been in the game "party" the longest. You just have to hope you're the best suited player to be host.

How you can make a server at call of duty world at war?

get better internet! that way you will be able to host and your internet can handle it. adsl 2 usually does the trick. I couldn't host until i got faster internet game? my game addy: juttyluck

How do you host a match in call of duty modern warfare 2?

You cannot on live because that is how it is programmed. But on private you can host.

When you play call of duty modern call of duty warfare 2 it says your playlist is newer thn the host?

It does, that just means they need to restart their system, and it will update them.