How do you headbutt a tree?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When facing the tree, go to your Pokemon and select the one that has the move HEadbutt. Then use it.

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Q: How do you headbutt a tree?
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How do you headbutt a tree in soul silver?

you go to Ilex forest and find a man in there and he will give you headbutt and teach it to you Pokemon and now you could headbutt a tree

What Pokemon can you get when you use headbutt in Pokemon soul silver?

you get heracross or combees when you headbutt a tree

What does the TM headbutt do in Pokemon silver?

I think it is the same as Pokemon diamond and pearl you use headbutt on a certain tree and a Pokemon could fall out of a tree

What does headbutt do in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Headbutt allows a Pokemon to literally 'headbutt' a tree. Basically, it allows the Pokemon to smash its head into a tree. Sometimes, nothing may come out of the tree. Other times, Pokemon (Like Pineco) may pop out to battle you.

Where do you get a heracoss on SoulSilver Pokemon?

By using Headbutt on a Tree.

How do you catch An Aipom in Pokemon Crystal?

headbutt tree

How do you get a Pineco in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver?

Note: You need Headbutt.New Bark Town Headbutt Trees.CherryGrove City Headbutt him on your pokedex and it will be red instead of green that means you need to headbutt a tree using headbutt.

Which tree do you headbutt to get seedot in Pokemon soulsilver?

There Is No Exact Tree(s) You Should Headbutt As All Trees Have A Possibility Of A Pokemon Appearing. The Pokemon Appearing Is Decided By The Game Itself So The Only Advice I Can Give You Is, Headbutt Until Something Pops Out.

How do you headbutt a tree in Pokemon HeartGold?

You teach a Pokemon headbutt, then go up to one of the large, triangle trees and press A.

How do you get a Pineco to appear in soul silver?

Use headbutt on a tree

What does it mean on Pokemon Heartgold when it says There is a large formidable tree that looks like it can be headbutted?

It means, get a pokémon that knows headbutt, like psyduck, or sudowoodow or cranidos and headbutt a stupid tree! yay!

How do you get pineco in SoulSilver?

headbutt a tree(close 2 ecruteak city)