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headbutt a tree(close 2 ecruteak city)

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Q: How do you get pineco in SoulSilver?
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When does pineco evolve in SoulSilver?


Where do you catch Pineco in pokemon soulsilver?

Use headbutt on trees and Pineco may fall out.

Where can you get a pineco in Pokemon SoulSilver?

headbutt trees

How can you get a Forretress in SoulSilver?

The only way to obtain a Forretress in Pokemon SoulSilver is by evolving a Pineco. Pineco can be found in ixelx forest (sry for misspelling) by headbutting trees. Pineco evolves into Forretress at level 31.

Where do you get forretress in pookemon Pokemon SoulSilver?

you evolve pineco

Where to get a pineco in Pokemon SoulSilver?

use headbutt on trees

Where do you get a forttres in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To obtain a Forretress, after obtaining a Pineco train the Pineco to level 36. Use the Ultimate Training Method. Give Pineco the Exp. Share and battle Red with Pineco in your party.

How do you get a foretress in pokemon soulsilver?

To obtain a Foretress you must evolve Pineco at level 31+. Pineco is rare and can be obtained by headbutting trees.

Where do you catch fortress on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't just catch a Forretress. You must evolve a Pineco first.

Where do you get a Pineco in Pokemon SoulSilver?

by using headbutt on the trees in ilex forest. one will eventually fall down

Where do you find a forretress in Pokemon soulsilver?

You cant, unless you use headbutt on a tree, get a pineco, and evolve it to foretress.

Where can you find a forretress in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Pineco evolves to forretress i think at level 36.Evolve Pineco. U get him from headbutting the tress north and to the right of olivine. Mine is one level thirteen.