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you can't only on PC

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Q: How do you have a kid on Xbox sims2?
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Can you get sims2 for Xbox 360?

No but you can get it for xbox and it will still work on the 360.

You can be a kid in sims2?


Can you play xbox sims2 on the computer?

No, because it is only meant for the Xbox. can buy the Sims2 for the computer though. :) Hope that helped! :):) No, because it is only meant for the Xbox. can buy the Sims2 for the computer though. :) Hope that helped! :):)

Can you have a kid on the sims2 on psp2?

Yes, you can

How do you get a kid on sims2 Ps2?

you can't onlt on PC

You can not have an kid on the sims2 ps2 console?

nope you cant

How do you have babies on sims2 for GameCube?

You can't, but you can make a new kid

Can you build a kid on freeplay on sims2 PS2?

I don't think you can.

Baby or no baby on sims2 ps2?

On the sims2 for playstation2, xbox, and wii you cannot have a baby. You also cannot adopt. You can only have a baby on the sims2 and sims for the computer (pc or mac). Some cheats online whill lead you to belive that you CAN have a baby on playstaion2, xbox, and wii for sim2 but you cannot. I have tried and researched, the makers only did the baby making thing for computers. This also gos for all other playstaion2, xbox, and wii sims2 exspansions, like sims2 pets, castaway and many others. I hope this helped to answer your question! HAPPY SIMMING!!! : )

Will a Xbox play a Xbox 360 game?

Unfortunately not. The old xbox only accepts the xbox compatible discs, which is why you cannot play PS2 games on the xbox. But, if you were to buy the new xbox360 you can play some original xbox games on it, e.g. Halo or The Sims2. _Mr.Poop_ ( :

What should you get a PS3 Wii or Xbox 360 detailed explanation on why?

Wii= Kid Games XBOX= Kid and Older Kid Games PS3= Older Kid Games

How do you get a kid in the sims2 for the PS2 I've tried that maid thing but it doesn't work and I don't want to make some kid from the normal thinnger?

ha its your problin and send your kid to die or stab it