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Phione egg needs 10 240 steps, so just walk around or cycle around. If you want hatch it faster, you have to keep Pokemon with ability flame body in your party. Its twice faster.

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Q: How do you hatch a phione egg on Pokemon HeartGold?
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How can you get legendary egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

No legendary can lay an egg except for manaphy which gives an egg to phione and you can not get manaphy or phione in heartgold

Where can you find phione to complete the pokedex in Pokemon?

Manaphy and Dito have to have an egg, and a Phione will hatch.

Pokemon Diamond how to get a Phinoe?

To get a Phione, you need to get yourself a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger by using Mystery Gift. Hatch the egg and let Manaphy breed with a Ditto. Hatch that egg and it will be a Phione...

How do you get a phione in Pokemon Platinum?

to get phione you simply get manaphy from Pokemon ranger (the old version) and put it in day care with a ditto they will have a egg & that egg is a phione egg!!

Can a phione egg hatch in Pokemon black?

Yes. I have done it, its no different from any other egg.

Where do you find the Pokemon that comes after manphy in the sinoh pokedex?

If You Are Referring To Phione You Must Breed Manaphy And A Ditto To Get A Phione Egg (Which Looks Like A Regular Egg Not Manaphy's). And Hatch Your Phione.

Where to get phione in Pokemon Diamond?

Breed Manaphy with a ditto in the daycare center, then hatch the egg.

How do you hatch a phione egg in Pokemon black?

Just leave a manaphy or a phione in the day care with a ditto, and get the egg. Then just run around with it in your party, just like any other egg.

Is it possible for Ditto to breed with a lengendary Pokemon?

The only Legendaries Ditto can breed with are Manaphy and Phione, which its egg will hatch a Phione. All other Legendary Pokemon cannot breed.

How do you catch phione in pokemon platium?

you can never ever ever get this Pokemon in any game you need Pokemon ranger shadows of almia or action replay for Pokemon ranger you need to migrate the manaphy egg when you have transfered in hatch it and breed it with ditto a egg will appear hatch it its a phione or you need the action replay code

Can you see phione in battle?

you have to breed manphy with ditto then hatch the egg you get it wont evlove into manaphy tho and if you breed phione you will just get another phione

How do you get mantyke in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold, give a Mantine the Wave Incense and breed it. The egg with hatch into a Mantyke.