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You can get a Phione by breeding a Manaphy, and a Ditto at the Day Care in Soloacean Town. It will hatch from an egg. Manaphy breeds the Phione, but Phione do not evolve into Manaphy.

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Q: How do you get a phione in Pokemon Platinum?
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What trainer has phione on Pokemon Platinum?

There are no trainers in Pokemon platinum with phione. if you want phione use action replay.

How do you get a phione to evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot get Phione to evolve, it cannot evolve into any Pokémon.

Does a trainer have phione in Pokemon platinum?

No,but if you get Pokemon Ranger and get a Manaphy Egg and you have a Ditto you can get a Phione.

How do you get phione on Pokemon platinum?

you have to hack

Is there a trainer with phione in Pokemon platinum?


Where can you see a phione in Pokemon platinum?


How do you get Phione Added to the Sinnoh Dex in Platinum?

Phione does not exist in Pokemon platinums sinnoh pokedex i checked the official game guide for Pokemon platinum

Can you get phione in Pokemon platinum?

No, unless you have a Manaphy and a Ditto. You can breed those to get a Phione egg.

How do you get phione in Pokemon Platinum?

go to the Pokemon mansion and then trade for manaphy

Where do you find information on phione in Pokemon platinum?

info on manaphy in Pokemon mansion. trade for manaphy, and breed with ditto. you get a phione

Where to catch phione in pokemon platinum?

Egg a manaphy with a ditto

How do you get pheon on Pokemon platinum?

you have to breed manaphy with a ditto and you get phione