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You must obtain the berry first. And plant them as normal as any other berry.

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I have the berry i planted it a day ago i watered it then i waited for 1 day now its been a day the stage hasn't changed do you have to keep the game on for it to grow or something?

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Q: How do you grow pamtre berries on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get berries to grow if they wont grow on Pokemon emerald?

You have to wait for it to grow.

What are the dry berries in Pokemon sapphire?

cornn, pamtre, and kelpsy find them from berry master and grow em alot

How so you make berries grow faster in Pokemon emerald?


How do you grow the cornnberry on Pokemon emerald?

You grow it like any other berry: You plant it, water it (if you want more than two berries to grow) and pick the berries.

How do you grow berries quickly on emerald?

You say hi to it.

Where can you find pamtre berry in Pokemon pearl?

Pamtre Berries can be found occassionally when you walk around with a Pokemon in Amity Square. They are somewhat rare, so it may take some time before you get one. After you get one Pamtre Berry, you can plant it and grow more Pamtre Berries so that you don't have to go find another one in Amity Square. A great way to evolve feebas is to use 11 high level wiki poffins then use a high level pamtre poffin and it should max out your beauty i have 3 regular milotics and a shiny i got from a freind. Have Fun getting that Milotic! you can also go to the berry masters house everyday until you get one. i would use a apicot berry or a wiki berry, if i were you. use growth mulch to speed up growth time. :3 (this little section was by ~Poke'fan Lunarstar911)

How do you make berries grow in pokemon emerald?

Plant them in the soil where you picked them and water them. If they dont grow then maybe your internal battery has run dry (this means clock based events like shoal cave tide and plants wont grow)

Diamond cheats how long does it take to get a pamtre berry?

If you have just planted one it will take four days for it to grow ( be sure to water it every day and you may receive extra berries! ).

How long does it take to grow a berry bush?

There are several different tiers of berries. Berries such as the chesto berry take a relatively short amount of time to grow; maybe a day. Mid-tier berries such as the rabuta berry may take a bit longer than that depending on how often you watered it. However, top tier berries such as the pamtre berry takes 72 hours to fully develop.

In Pokemon diamond how long do berries take to grow?

it takes about 1-3 days to grow

How do you grow berries in Pokemon diamond quicker?

by using the sprayduck or waiting

How do you grow oran berries grow in pokemon heartg old?

Once you have the Berry Grow thing, you can plant the Oran Berries into it. It may take awhile though, like a couple of hours.